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Rockland County Adoption Attorney

Adoption is one of the most joyful and exciting family law matters. When parents (or single parents) make the decision to bring a child into their home, it is important that they retain legal assistance to guide them through the process. We proudly assist clients in the adoption process. The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC is proud to help prospective parents navigate through a successful adoption process. If you are considering adoption, it is important that you consult with an experienced adoption attorney who can provide you with assistance during this exciting time. Contact The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC to schedule a consultation.

Adoption Attorney | Helping New York Clients Explore their Options

When people think of adoption, they often think of the most common or traditional form of adoption. However, what many individuals do not realize is that adoption can come in many forms. In some instances, a longtime guardian may make the decision that they would like to be that child’s parent, while others look to adopt as gay couples, or single individuals, across state lines and around the world. Whatever the case, our firm is honored to help.

As exciting as adoption is, it can also be very complicated and emotional. The process can be invasive, trying, and oftentimes quite complex. International law may also come into play if you seek to adopt a child from another country. Prospective parents seeking to adopt a child should be prepared for home visits, as well as officials digging into your past. All of these procedures are required to ensure that the child is entering a safe and secure home where they can live a comfortable life. No two adoptions are the same. We have significant experience assisting New York families with:

  •     Domestic adoption
  •     International adoption
  •     Step-parent adoption
  •     Private adoption
  •     LGBT adoption
  •     Second-parent adoption
  •     Adult adoption

Legal issues that arise out of adoption

We understand the various legal matters that come to fruition in adoption cases. Though most adoptions go smoothly, it is not always the case. Sometimes, issues with biological parents, adoption agencies, and international laws arise. Even years after a successful adoption, there are instances of legal trouble. It is important to protect one’s family by knowing who to turn to when problems are present.

Contact an experienced Rockland County adoption attorney

If you are interested in the adoption process, our firm would be honored to represent your needs. The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC understands the combined excitement and anxiety that comes with adoption. Not only can we help you manage the emotional process, but the legal process as well. When issues arise, an experienced adoption attorney can help you overcome and find success while you work towards forging a familial relationship. If you are considering adoption, contact The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC today.

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