The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed back divorce plans for many couples in New York. However, it is beneficial to be aware of the alternative divorce methods that are available to continue the process during this trying time. This includes online divorce mediation. There are various benefits that come with going through this method of divorce. Continue reading to learn more and contact an experienced New York divorce mediator for guidance. 

Why Should I Use Online Mediation?

The effects of the pandemic can make it seem impossible to move forward with your divorce. However, while it may look differently, the process can continue through online divorce mediation. This provides spouses with a range of benefits, including:

  • You are in the comfort of your home. When divorcing through litigation, spouses are required to do so in the courtroom. This can be difficult as it involves discussions of sensitive, personal matters in an unfamiliar setting. However, online divorce mediation allows you to take part in peaceful negotiations from a comfortable place that lets you have access to familiar stress relievers.
  • You can eliminate travel worries. Online divorce mediation alleviates any concerns about having to travel in order to get to where you need to be, whether it is an attorney’s office or a courtroom. In addition to this, if you have other obligations, you do not have to worry about when you will get home. This ensures you are not worrying about any outside influences and you can focus solely on the divorce.

How do I Prepare for Online Mediation?

While preparing for a meeting with a divorce mediator, there are certain steps you can follow to get the most out of the process. To start, find a comfortable location within your home that allows you privacy during the meeting. Also make sure any children you have are set up to be occupied during the meeting so that you are not interrupted with distractions. To eliminate the need to get up during the meetings, prepare any snacks, drinks, tissues, and paper you may need to get through the meeting. 

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