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Rockland County Child Custody Attorney

Some of the most emotional parts of any divorce are those involving the children. When custody is contested, the parents and children are faced with a great burden that may result in a difficult legal battle. Often in a custody battle, one parent may have to face the unfortunate reality that they will not see his or her child every day. This can be heartbreaking. Most parents share legal custody. However, in some rare cases, one parent will win sole custody. The court will always rule in what they believe is in the best interest of the child. Of course, that ruling may not always line up with the views of those involved. If you are facing a custody matter and need a Rockland County child custody attorney with the necessary experience, The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC is here to help. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

Physical and Legal Custody of a Child

Physical custody, sometimes referred to as residential custody, relates to where the child spends more nights per week. If one parent is awarded physical custody, they will be referred to as the custodial parent and may be eligible to receive child support. In some cases, parents are able to forge a lasting, cooperative relationship that can split the parenting time equally, but this may be difficult to achieve. For most, physical custody is awarded to one parent while maintaining joint legal custody. Legal custody allows a parent to have a say in decisions regarding the child’s school, health care, religious practices, and more. It is very important that noncustodial parents fight for legal custody of their child. Sole legal custody is a rarity. If one parent is deemed “unfit” by the court or is established as not acting in the child’s best interests, the court could award the custodial parent sole legal custody. As rare as this is, it is important to note that though a parent may lose parenting time, they do have visitation rights.

Contact a Rockland County child custody attorney

Understandably, child custody is one of the most emotional and significant parts of some divorce cases. Fighting for one’s parental rights is important. Our firm recognizes the impact of divorce cases and we will work to relieve your stress while effectively representing your legal needs. When faced with an uncertain future of your parental rights, it is essential that you have an attorney who can fight on your behalf. The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC is ready to assess your case. We have the experience and skill needed to handle matters of this significance. If you are facing divorce or a child custody matter, contact The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC today to schedule a consultation.

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