When parents go through a divorce, they typically create a parenting time agreement. This designates how the two plan to raise their child together. In this agreement may be certain holidays each parent gets to spend with their child. This can include major holidays as well as Halloween. Continue reading below to learn more about how to handle these matters and contact an experienced New York family law attorney for guidance.

Tips for Sharing Custody on Halloween

Halloween is a fun tradition that parents enjoy spending with their children. However, due to custody agreements, parents may not always get to go trick-or-treating with their child on the night of the holiday. In the event that parents cannot agree regarding who gets to spend Halloween with their child, it is important to know there are ways to handle this matter. This can include the following:

  • Share the night. Parents may be able to determine a plan that allows them both to spend the night of Halloween with their child. This may be if they split the night into shifts or put aside their differences to spend the night together with their child.
  • Other Halloween events. Halloween has become somewhat of its own season over the years. In the days and weeks leading up to the date, there are often various activities for families to participate in. If a parent does not have their child on Halloween, they can take them to other events when they do have time. This can include pumpkin patches, early trick-or-treating events, fall activities, etc.
  • Alternate years. Parents are not always able to split the night of Halloween with a co-parent. However, they may be able to switch on and off each year instead. This allows each parent the opportunity to spend the holiday with their child. 
  • Adult parties. Children are not the only ones who participate in Halloween festivities. Many adults also dress up and celebrate in their own way. In doing so, it is important to be conscious of your behavior and what you post on social media, as it can possibly damage a custody agreement. 

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