Parenting time issues are common between two parents that have shared custody of their child. However, if there are recurring issues that have negative impacts on you as the parent, or your child, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced New York family law attorneys to discuss your options. The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC is committed to supporting you through this time.

What are the two most common parenting time issues for parents who are sharing custody?

Many issues can arise between two parents that are sharing custody of their child. The two most common parenting time issues to look out for include the following:

1. If one parent does not show up for parenting time.

This is one of the primary issues that happen between two parents who share custody. If one parent does not show up for their assigned parenting time, the other parent may face extreme difficulties making arrangements. The other parent was just abruptly left to make last-second childcare arrangements. It is typical for spur-of-the-moment childcare to be unavailable, which can end in the parent missing work or having to cancel important plans. The parent who is now incapable of relying on their former spouse to show up for their parenting time should then gather as much evidence as possible of these incidents. With this proof, they should then attend court to ask about a modification of the custody order, so that it can better reflect the infrequency of the current parenting time schedule.

2. If one parent denies the other parent access to their child.

An additional issue that typically arises regarding parenting time between two parents who share custody is when one parent tries to keep the child from spending time with the other parent. It is unfortunately quite common for parents to try to deny the other parent access to their child, despite there being a custody order in place. An example of this can include when a parent cancels scheduled visitation by claiming that the child has told them that they do not want to see the other parent. Another instance of this is regularly cutting the parenting time short. For any of these cases, it is important for the parent who is not getting proper visitation to gather evidence of these actions by their former spouse. After this evidence is obtained, they should next go to court to request enforcement.

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