When a married couple divorces and they have a child, they must ensure their child’s best interest is prioritized when creating a child custody visitation schedule for the holidays. Co-parenting can be a challenging task and creating a holiday plan may be difficult but both parents must compromise for their child’s sake. Parents can divide holidays into several ways that allow their children to spend quality time with each parent. If you need help collaboratively planning your child’s visitation schedule during the holidays, contact a trusted Rockland County Child Custody Attorney who can help you keep the best interest of your child.¬†

How should divorced couples plan visitation during the holidays?

There are several different ways parents could divide and share holidays with their children including:

  • Split holidays
  • Alternate holidays every year (adjust for even and odd-numbered years)
  • Determine
  • Create a fixed holiday schedule where a child spends a certain holiday with the same parent every year.
  • Plan two-holiday celebrations, one parent celebrates on a date before or after the holiday and the other celebrates on the actual holiday.
  • Spend important holidays together

Parents should first figure out what holidays mean the most to them. If there is a specific holiday a parent wants to spend with their child, they can create a plan to reflect that. However, they must be willing to compromise, meaning if they want a specific holiday with their child they may have to give up another one. Parents should also consider other special days such as religious holidays and birthdays.

Why is it important to plan a holiday visitation schedule?

It is crucial for parents to collaboratively create a visitation schedule that allows a child to spend equitable time with each parent during the holidays as it is in the child’s best interest.¬†Planning a set visitation schedule for the holidays may help:

  • Minimize hostility
  • Eliminate arguments
  • Gives children a sense of security
  • Gives children time with each parent’s side of the family
  • Eliminate disagreements

When there is hostility between parents it directly affects their child’s well-being. Creating a parenting plan can help eliminate any disputes between parents.¬†Children need stability in their life, and having a set plan can help give a child a sense of security. It is also important for a child to spend time with both sides of their families. Holidays are important because they bring families together. Creating a visitation holiday schedule is extremely beneficial to a child’s best interest.

If you need help creating a child custody agreement that ensures equitable parenting time during the holidays, reach out to one of our knowledgeable and dedicated team members. Our firm is committed to helping our clients ensure their child’s best interests.