Divorce can be a messy process, and things can become even more difficult when children are involved. When a couple ends their marriage on bad terms, it can lead to problems when it comes to custody. For example, one parent may speak badly of the other child’s parent in order to change the child’s perspective and relationship with the other parent. This is known as parental alienation. Read on for more information regarding parental alienation in New York.

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation will not always look the same. In many cases, it comes in the form of passive verbal jabs. In other cases, parental alienation presents itself in the form of one parent outright badmouthing the child’s other parent to the child. In other cases, parental alienation comes in even more manipulative forms, such as pretending to “save” the child from certain situations that the child simply does not need saving from. All of these behaviors can have a serious impact on the child and their relationship with both parents.

What Can I Do About Parental Alienation?

Proving parental alienation can be very difficult to prove. In some cases, parental alienation is incredibly subtle. For this reason, you should reach out to an experienced attorney the moment you suspect parental alienation is occurring. Some signs to look for including a change in your child’s behavior toward you. If your child begins to act distant, angry, or upset in your presence, this may be a result of parental alienation. Sometimes, this alienation is more overt. The other parent may make disparaging posts about you on social media or leave you angry voicemails and text messages. It is important that you keep records of all of these instances.

If a court finds that parental alienation is occurring, they may change your child custody arrangement. This is because by engaging in parental alienation, the other parent is refusing to co-parent and creating a harmful environment for the child.

If you believe you and your child are victims of parental alienation, you should contact an experienced family law attorney right away. Our firm is here to advocate for you and make sure that your child is in a safe and healthy environment.

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