During the divorce process, mediation is used as a way to solve marital issues. Spouses attend these sessions with a mediator present. This can help facilitate the conversation. The mediator is a neutral party involved in this process. The mediator does not make decisions for the couple, but rather guides them through these sessions. This party is not employed by either spouse. Each spouse is able to bring their own attorney to these mediation sessions. This may be able to provide them with a sense of comfort. During the divorce process, people can become emotional. They may have turned to their attorney during this hard time. Their attorney has been with them every step of the way so it seems natural to want them involved in mediation.

Can marital issues be modified?

The divorce process is used to make decisions for marital issues. All aspects of each issue are taken into account. These factors are used to decide how marital issues can be resolved. During this time, spouses and judges only take into account the current circumstances. This means that a change in circumstances can throw off the whole marital issue. This may require a change to be made in the future. It is possible to have a modification made to a marital issue. However, the change must be warranted. A spouse cannot simply say they want more money for spousal support. It must be proven that they are in need of this payment. These decisions should be brought to the attention of the court. A spouse can file a motion with the court to bring the case in front of a judge. A judge can then preside over the case and make a decision for the couple. They will weigh all the factors involved and see how a change can affect the situation. If the change is significant enough, it may warrant a modification to a marital issue or more than one. If the change is not significant, the judge may find it better to keep the situation the same as it always has been if the change does not affect the issue.

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