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I would highly recommend Peter to anyone in need of legal assistance. I came to him for help with my divorce and was treated with nothing but respect. He took the time to explain each step that we would be going through, keep me updated on the process, and returned my calls and emails in a timely manner. Anyone requiring legal assistance especially if they are going through a divorce should contact Peter.

— Adam

Pete handled my divorce and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance. His rates were very reasonable, he returned phone calls in a timely fashion and he fought hard to protect my interests in the divorce proceedings. He made an unhappy experience a lot less stressful for me and I’m very grateful for that. I would hire Pete again in a heartbeat and can’t recommend him enough.

— Megan

Was very responsive to my questions, truly an advocate for my interests, moved the case along to resolution without costing me an arm and a leg. I got all my requirements met, was very personable.

— Anonymous

Very Happy with the excellent job of lawyering Mr. Jameson did for me. From the time of the show cause order until the judge’s judgment only 2 months. This was due to his ever so finely composed moving papers. From res judicata to the residual statute of limitations he nailed it right on the head. He painted just the right picture in filing the cross motion and promptly provided all copies as well as the judge’s judgment. I am very happy I chose Mr. Jameson.

— Erik

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Peter Jameson. His competence for family law extends far beyond the skills for which he was originally hired. Pete not only met but exceeded my expectations for what turned out to be a very contentious custody battle with relocation.

With exceptional knowledge and the ability to write compelling arguments central to my case, Pete never wavered from the most significant element of my trial, which was protecting the well-being and safety of my child. For the nearly two years that he represented me, it is with great respect and gratitude that I can attest to his superior attention to detail and timely response to each and every inquiry I put forth.

I am forever grateful for the skill and professionalism Pete provided, but most of all, I am indebted to his high degree of integrity. Peter Jameson is nothing short of exemplary and I would highly recommend, without hesitation, his services to any individual seeking an expert family law attorney who is both honest and ethical.

— Kristin

Peter represented me various times in Family Court and I highly recommend him. He was always fair and trustworthy and always focused on the best interest of the children. Thanks to him I have more visitation rights with my kids. He stood up for my rights as a father, after years of never getting any results with other lawyers.

— Anthony

I live out of NY state and needed a Divorce attorney who would be there for me and stand up for my rights. Peter not only squashed what my ex-wife wanted thru the courts, he found other areas that I was OVERPAYING, and had it all reduces! He knows the law and the way the courts operate and work. He is the go-to attorney you want on your side in the courtroom! I’m glad my ex-wife did not hire him, and I found him first. People, do your homework, and get a lawyer to fight for your rights! I glad I hired Peter!

— Vincent

He was easy to work with, responded in a timely fashion to any questions I had and although my case was as simple as it gets, he was still there to help resolve my divorce as quickly and as simply as possible. I found him through Google and found that he was definitely the best result especially with being so local.

— Ira

When I came to Peter I was already emotionally and financially drained. I took my ex to court for support in May of 2015. I hired a well-known firm to represent me. However, despite having an extremely expensive well-known lawyer, I was jerked around more than ever. My ex and his attorney were constantly showing up without the court-ordered documents, requesting adjournments, or just blatantly not showing up, and nothing was done about it. I was very clear about my financial situation with my attorney, but the bills just kept coming in and I was getting nowhere. 14 months later and 17k in legal fees it finally ended. However, ten days later my ex filed for full custody. I stayed with my heartless lawyer for a few more months, but the same exact crap of adjournments and “forgotten” court dates was happening. I was now 25k into legal fees and I couldn’t afford to play the game anymore. I fired my attorney and tried to do the case on my own until it appeared we were going to trial and the judge strongly advised me to get an attorney. Broke and desperate, I did a google search and decided to have a consultation with Peter, honestly because he was across the street from the courthouse and there would be no traveling fees. As soon as I met him I knew my prayers were answered and he was going to help me. I came to Peter in November of 2016 and everything was done and finalized by the beginning of February. My only regret is that I didn’t reach out to Peter sooner. He’s attentive, he’s knowledgeable and he’s kind. This is an attorney who is not just looking to take your money, he actually wants to help you.

— Jennifer

I couldn’t have been happier with the service and legal counsel I received by Peter L. Jameson during my divorce. He was responsive to all my needs and helped me to navigate through the entire divorce process, to ultimately achieve the best outcome. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for exceptional guidance during a divorce.

— Tom

My friend had recently been divorced, and I’d heard nothing but nightmare stories about her lawyer and how—despite her financial situation—he burned through her retainer…and then some. So when I finally made the big decision to divorce as well, I wasn’t just nervous, I was terrified. But Peter Jameson changed all that. Not only did he listen to me—he really heard me and laid out a plan that worked for me and not just him. Although we did eventually use up my retainer, it was necessary, it happened gradually and fairly, and it was fully documented. He made sure I understood the process and expected costs, and at several points, he even recommended we not take certain steps he deemed too costly and not worth the time. In the end, the divorce didn’t just go smoothly—it was more successful than I could have ever hoped. Although I don’t plan on marrying again anytime soon (let alone going through another divorce), if I did, I’d choose Peter all over again.

— Kelly

I also heard horror stories about divorce lawyers. When I decided to file for divorce I went to Mr. Jameson for a consultation. I had carefully written out all of my questions. Mr. Jameson answered all of my questions and even asked me some questions about my situation. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and honest. Mr. Jameson made sure that the outcome of my divorce was in my best interest.

— Patti
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