When a couple or a family is faced with a matter in family court, the judge will often make a decision that is legally binding. When one of the parties fails to follow a court order, the other party becomes a victim. In the event that the victim requires legal help from the court to enforce the court order, they will have to file an enforcement petition (which is also referred to as a violation petition.) After the petition is filed, the court will conduct an investigation in an effort to determine whether it is a willful violation of the court order. The person who has been accused of violating the order will have the opportunity to show that they have a good reason for the violation. However, if the party who violated the court order cannot prove that they had an acceptable and valid reason for the violation, they may face serious penalties imposed by the court. Some of these penalties can even include being held in contempt of court or an arrest.

In cases where the accused party violated a court order related to child or spousal support, the court may garnish wages or demand back pay. If you need legal assistance enforcing a court order, contact our firm today.

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