In recent months, many people have experienced significant changes in their lives due to COVID-19. To adjust, families of divorce have worked to figure out what is best for their children while trying to maintain parenting time. As the pandemic is changing everyone’s outlook on the months to come, parents may wonder how it will continue to impact their time with their children. It is important to know that parents who have lost parenting time during the pandemic can have it restored. Continue reading below to learn more.

Ask Your Ex For Additional Time

Ensuring time with your children is so important that simple solutions can often be overlooked. In many situations, parents can just ask the other co-parent if they can see their child more often. If you lost time with your child during the COVID-19 stay at home orders, you can ask for an extra weekend or more nights with your child in the upcoming weeks or months. It can often be surprising how open co-parents are to the idea. However, it is still important to be respectful when asking and prepare to negotiate the idea with them. 

Work Out Mutual Social Distancing Parenting Time

Providing a parent with reassurance that you are taking health and safety into consideration can go a long way. Parents may benefit from a “social distancing” contract that states their agreement with CDC and local health guidelines while spending time with their child. This can include wearing a mask and following the right hygiene practices. This can allow both you and the co-parent peace of mind in knowing you will do what is best to keep your child safe at all times.

Have More Virtual Time

Throughout the pandemic, a silver lining for many families has been access to technology. This allows them the opportunity to connect virtually with loved ones while being unable to physically see each other. If you and your child cannot be together, you can video chat, play online games together, watch movies, etc. While it does not replace physical time, it is a helpful substitute during these trying times.

Modify a Parenting Time Plan

If you and your co-parent can agree regarding changes in your parenting time agreement, these changes should be reflected in writing. This is even the case if it is a small change. When you write up the modifications, have your attorney review the document before signing it. 

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