During the divorce process, many issues will need to be resolved to allow the spouses to carry on with their individual lives. These issues can include child custody, child support, alimony and more. These marital issues are resolved in different ways depending on if the divorce is contested or uncontested. If the divorce is uncontested, spouses may be able to undergo mediation to decide on issues with one another. If their divorce is contested, they may not be able to cooperate as amicably. This may lead them to enter into litigation to decide on marital issues. Although issues are decided upon at this time, there is the option to have them modified in the future. As these spouses part ways and carry on with their individual lives, they may need to make adjustments to marital issues based on changes in their lives.  

What factors can lead to modifications?

Since marital issues are decided upon at the time of divorce, the option for adjustments can be vital. Due to changes that may arise, former spouses may need to enter back into court to have adjustments made. For marital issues, there may be certain factors that can affect it and lead to a request for a change.

Child custody arrangements are made as an agreement that must be followed. The child’s well-being should always be the most important factor for these cases. If a child is showing signs of aggressive or strange behavior, their custody arrangement may be a factor. Parents should consider all aspects before filing a motion with the court to have the arrangement changed. If one parent is failing to follow the arrangement that was originally made, it may be best to file a motion with the court to have this case revisited. Parents must cooperate with the arrangement made since they are legally binding.

Child support is another marital issue that is decided upon divorce. For these cases, a child may become emancipated and this can lead to a stop to child support payments. If they are planning on attending college or a university, this may lead to a change in the payments being made due to the added financial responsibility. There are many factors that may warrant a change. Alimony payments can also be modified or changed due to a variety of scenarios. Illness or death of the independent spouse may end or alter the payments they must make to the dependent spouse. Loss of employment is another factor that can affect alimony. If the independent spouse is refusing to pay the dependent spouse, a motion can be filed to bring them to court to settle the matter.

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