One of the factors of divorce that many parents have to face is that of child custody. Often, when the matter is contested because the couple cannot decide on their own, the judge will review various factors in an effort to determine what the custody arrangement should be. The judge will consider the lifestyle of each parent, as well as their history of drug and alcohol abuse. That being said, it is important for a parent to portray themselves as a good parent on social media because one post, even if it is taken out of context, can be a dealbreaker for custody.

If one of the parents’ social media profiles shows them regularly out drinking, doing drugs, or partying, it can have serious consequences on whether the judge believes they are fit to parent. It is important that during the divorce or custody proceedings, the parent is very wary about what is posted on social media. Another important factor to be aware of is if the parent is in a relationship with a new person, it should not be put on social media until after the divorce.

Finally, keep in mind that social media is permanent. Even if an individual posts something and thinks they have deleted it, the post can easily be screenshotted and saved as evidence for the court. In addition, don’t say anything on social media that one wouldn’t want to have read in court by the judge.

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