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When a couple’s marriage is no longer working, they may consider the process of divorce. Of course, this is an incredibly emotional and complex process for both parties to endure. In a divorce, couples may have to address relevant issues, including equitable distribution, spousal maintenance, and matters related to the children. Divorces can become incredibly complicated when one party serves in the military, owns a business, or has a high net worth. Some couples do not wish to get divorced but still choose legal separation for a number of reasons. While enduring such a complicated and emotional time, it is important to have an experienced attorney to represent you and protect your interests. If you are considering divorce or separation, contact The Law Office of Peter L. Jameson, PLLC to schedule a consultation.

Contested Divorce

Getting divorced is not an easy process. For many, it is not an amicable split. Many divorces are contentious, emotional ordeals that lead people to court over all or even just one marital issue. Marital matters, including spousal maintenance, property distribution, and especially child support and child custody can lead a couple to litigation. When a couple cannot agree to terms of their divorce or the fault grounds cited to begin the divorce, it is called a contested divorce. MORE

Divorce Process

For some people, divorce is a reality. The fact is, over 50% of marriages end in divorce and there are plenty of couples who find themselves splitting for numerous reasons. In some cases, divorce can be a prolonged, complicated ordeal. If you are considering getting divorced, you have a lot to consider about this legal matter. MORE

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is the obligation of the financially independent to support the dependent spouse after a divorce. Also known as alimony, spousal maintenance is often a deeply contested issue. A contested divorce based on spousal maintenance regularly stems from a difference of opinion on what one deserves and the other should pay. Because spouses often play different roles in the family, spousal maintenance is a complex matter to resolve. MORE

Division of Assets

In many divorces, property distribution is a hotly contested matter. In some cases, a couple can resolve their matter before going to trial. When opinions on what the other deserve differs and emotions run high, a couple can quickly find themselves litigating the matter. MORE

Post-Judgment Action

After a divorce or family law case, it is important to follow the directions of the court. When judgments and orders are passed down, the parties must abide or appeal. When a party faces a significant change in circumstances, requesting a modification may be appropriate. When a party ignores an order or judgment, the other may request the court’s intervention, called an enforcement order. MORE

Legal Separation

For many reasons, some couples wish to end their marriage but don’t want to actually go through with getting a divorce. These individuals may opt for legal separation, which allows them to part ways while maintaining some of the benefits of marriage. Some choose legal separation over divorce to stay in line with religious beliefs or simply because they want to retain tax benefits and keep healthcare benefits. For some, legal separation allows couples to take time for themselves and determine whether reconciliation may be in their future or if they should take the extra step later down the road and become officially divorced. MORE

Divorce with a Business

Divorce is a complex matter on its own, but when one or both spouses are business owners, it gets even more complicated. Although neither party wants the divorce to have a negative impact on the business, it is important to be aware that some or all of a business may be considered marital property in the state of New York. When a business is established as marital property, it is subject to equitable distribution, which can have a major effect on its future. MORE

High Net Worth Divorce

Any divorce has the potential to be complicated, as there are many factors that must be addressed. Not only is there significant difficulty resolving contested matters, there is also the emotional toll that both spouses and their family will face. When the couple has a net worth of $1 million or greater, they have an added level of complexity. MORE

Military Divorce

On its own, divorce is a very complicated matter. When one or both of the parties involved in a divorce are members of the military, the situation may become significantly more complex. Despite the fact that servicemembers must address all of the same issues as civilian divorces, they may be faced with additional complications. Depending on the servicemember, he or she may be involved in training or a deployment in a place that may make the divorce more difficult. MORE

Prenuptial Agreements

Taking a relationship towards marriage is a very exciting time for all involved. The last thing a couple is thinking about during this time is the possibility of divorce and what may happen if the marriage ends. It is important to take a moment to consider protecting one’s assets and wealth, especially as a high net worth individual. Although prenuptial agreements may have a negative stigma attached to them, these agreements can allow a couple to focus on the strengths of the relationship without worrying about the future. MORE