No couple imagines they’ll someday get divorced when they’re first married. Unfortunately, things happen, situations change, and, ultimately, roughly 50 percent of all married couples one day get divorced. That said, if you’re considering getting a divorce, you may wonder if you’ll have to take your case to court, as for many people, this is an overwhelming prospect. Please continue reading and reach out to a seasoned Rockland County divorce mediator to learn more about some viable alternatives and how our legal team can help you get the best outcome possible.

Will my divorce go to court?

Typically, when a couple gets divorced and cannot agree on the terms of their divorce, they are in what’s known as a contested divorce. When a couple gets into a contested divorce, they will either have to take their divorce to trial in a courtroom setting, wherein a judge or jury will ultimately determine the outcome of their divorce, or they will have to consider alternate methods of divorce. The most common alternative divorce method is mediation.

Essentially, in a mediated divorce, a couple will hire an unbiased third-party mediator. They will then hold a private meeting outside of a courtroom setting. Each spouse will voice their concerns and wants/needs for their divorce. The mediator will facilitate productive, civil conversation between the spouses in an effort to reach a compromise that works for them both. Of course, mediation involves give and take, and though it may not always be easy, it’s often a far better alternative to divorce in a courtroom setting, where each spouse gets very little say in the outcome.

Our firm has guided countless clients through the mediation process in the past, and we’re here to help you through each facet of it as well.

The bottom line is that divorce may very well be the most complex legal matter you will ever face in your lifetime and our experienced Rockland County divorce attorney understands the weight this holds. Jameson Family Law wants our clients to understand that this period in your life filled with emotion and stress does not have to be done alone. Our firm is confident in our ability to provide for each of our clients by utilizing the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Contact Jameson Family Law to schedule your initial consultation.

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