When an individual in New York State decides that they no longer wish to be married, they will likely begin considering divorce as an option. This is a very difficult decision for many people to make and in many cases, the person has no idea where to start. There are two primary steps that a person will have to complete before the divorce process can truly begin. Before anything, the person who is interested in getting a divorce should consult with an experienced divorce attorney.

First, the individual will need to establish a residency requirement in order to determine the jurisdiction. There are a few ways that a person can fulfill the residency requirement. These include:

  • At least one spouse must be a resident of New York for at least two years
  • Both spouses are residents when the divorce has been filed
  • They lived in New York as a married couple

In addition to fulfilling the residency requirement, the individual must cite grounds for divorce. This is simply the reason that the spouse filing is doing so. Though there are six grounds for divorce that can be cited in New York, it is always easiest to cite no-fault grounds.

Only after these two requirements are satisfied can the divorce proceed. Always be sure to consult with an experienced divorce attorney who can help you get started.

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