Going through a divorce brings many changes in one’s life. Due to the fact that there are so many uncertainties going into divorce, many people have concerns about what will happen to their most cherished belongings as well as the other drastic changes in their life that they will face. One of the most frequently asked questions that clients have when they start the divorce process is regarding what will happen to their house and which spouse will get it in the divorce.

In some cases, the couple may agree on the future of the house. Perhaps they think that the spouse who has more parenting time of the children should keep the house in order to normalize things for the child. In other situations, the couple may agree to sell the house and split the money. Of course, each couple’s situation is different. In situations where the couple cannot come to an agreement about what should happen to the house in the divorce, the court may have to decide on their behalf. Since the house is marital property, regardless of title, it will be subject to equitable distribution. The court will consider many different factors to determine which spouse should get to keep the house.

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