When couples are faced with divorce proceedings, there are many factors involved. While this can be an emotional time due to the break up of a marriage, it can become even worse when children are involved. Parents do not want to lose their children. They want to have access to every part of their child’s life. During these cases, spouses may fight with one another over custody of their children. This can lead to a lot of turmoil within the family and court proceedings. In order to protect your rights as a parent, contact our professional attorneys for legal representation. We understand the importance of family and want to protect your special relationship with your child.

How is custody decided?

Custody arrangements involve two main factors: physical custody and legal custody. For each form of custody, it controls a different aspect of the child’s life and grants the parent with specific rights. Physical custody names the custodial parent. The custodial parent is who the child will reside with most of the time. They will spend more of their time with this parent. However, the other parent may still have custody arrangements or certain visitation rights. This will allow them access to the child, but their rights will differ from the custodial parent.

Legal custody grants parents the authority to make decisions in a child’s life. These are considered to be important decisions. They can include decisions related to matters of health, education, religion and general welfare of the child. Even if a parent loses physical custody of their child, they can still fight for legal custody. Our professionals understand how important legal custody can be and we urge you to pursue it. If there is any way to be involved in your child’s life, you are going to want to act upon it. When facing litigation and building a case, contact us for further advisement to guarantee your rights as a parent.

What factors can influence child custody?

Child custody cases that are brought to litigation will be decided on by a judge. The judge will consider all factors relating to the lives of the parents and the child. When making their decision, the judge is supposed to act in the best interests of the child. The child’s health and safety are of the utmost importance in these cases. If parents have a history of domestic abuse or substance abuse, this may affect their chances of receiving custody of their child. There are so many factors that a judge must consider. They have to take into account each party’s ability to provide for the child, each party’s relationship with the child, each party’s mental and physical health, each party’s work schedule and lifestyle, child’s age and health and the child’s preference

Since these situations are stressful and can cause a variety of emotions, it is vital to get trustworthy help. Our firm is experienced in dealing with these cases and can help you toward reaching a desirable outcome for your family. We understand how emotional these times can be and we want to be a source of strength for you. Contact us for your legal needs.

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