The holidays can be a difficult time for divorced couples and children alike. Long-held traditions may be broken and holiday events can become complicated. Thanksgiving is an especially family-orientated holiday. As a result, many divorced couples struggle to decide who should spend Thanksgiving with the kids. Luckily, there are a few different ways to share custody this Thanksgiving. Below are some common ways you might share the holiday.

Tips for Sharing Thanksgiving:

Alternate years: Many couples divide holidays by alternating years. This is a great way to take turns and ensure that things are equal. Sure, your ex-spouse may celebrate with the kids this year, but you will get a chance next year.

Split the day in half: While Thanksgiving is normally celebrated with a turkey dinner, there is nothing wrong with a festive breakfast or lunch. Celebrate with the kids in the morning and let your spouse celebrate at night, or vice versa. You can always spend the morning watching the parade and enjoying each other’s company for an equally fun and family-oriented Thanksgiving.

Change the date: Thanksgiving always falls on the last Thursday of the month, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day before or after. Make new traditions by celebrating Thanksgiving on your own terms. Whether you celebrate Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, you will still be surrounded by good food and people you love.

Spend it together: Understandably, this is not an option for most divorced couples. But, for some couples who are on especially good terms, you may want to consider spending the holidays together.

Holidays can be hard for divorced parents, which is why a good custody schedule is important. When you are getting divorced, you will want to create a schedule to which you and your children can adhere. This is a great way to divide up the holidays and other important dates, like birthdays. This will avoid discrepancies or misunderstandings down the line and allow you to plan ahead. If you wish to create or modify an existing child custody agreement, reach out to a skilled family law attorney with any questions or concerns.

We understand how difficult child custody can be. We know you want the best for your children, and we want to help you create the best possible custody arrangement for your family.

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