Divorce is obviously a complicated, difficult and emotional process. Of course, some divorces are more complex and time-consuming than others. There are often situations in which the couple getting divorced cannot agree on one or more matters. When they cannot agree, the divorce is contested. However, a contested divorce can quickly (or not so quickly) become uncontested through a number of different measures that include alternative dispute resolution such as collaborative divorce or mediation. However, there are some couples that this simply will not do for. When a couple still can’t agree to terms after attempting alternative dispute resolution, they may be facing litigation. In litigation, the court will make fair and just decisions on behalf of the couple to the best of their ability.

Some of the most frequently contested marital issues include:

  • Spousal maintenance or alimony: one spouse does not believe they should have to make spousal maintenance payments to the other spouse
  • Division of assets and liabilities: often, spouses cannot agree on how assets should be divided and about who should get what. This also goes for the division of liabilities.
  • Child custody and visitation: child custody is arguably the most contested matter when the divorcing couple has children because no parent wants to see their child less than they already do

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