Marriages are a wonderful thing when they work but when they don’t, they can be emotionally draining to both spouses. At some point in a marriage that doesn’t work and doesn’t seem like it ever will, one of the spouses may decide that it is time to file for divorce. When divorce is on the table, the individual who plans to file will have to get the process started by fulfilling the residency requirement in New York State and determine whether they will cite fault grounds for divorce. “Grounds” are the legal reason for the divorce.

When a person is considering the grounds for divorce, they can choose to cite fault or simply have a no-fault divorce. No-fault grounds were implemented in New York State in October 2010. Divorces that cite no-fault simply mean that the couple has had irreconcilable differences for a period lasting at least six months prior to filing for divorce. The reason that so many people cite no-fault in their divorce is because citing one of the six fault grounds can open up the door to additional legal problems before the divorce even begins.

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