Matters of divorce and family law are complicated. When a final judgment is passed in court, it is legally binding and all parties involved must follow it. The court makes decisions based on what is best for the situation at the time of the ruling given the facts that they have. That being said, no one will be able to predict future circumstances that may make it impossible to continue abiding by the provisions of the original order.

Some of the divorce and family law matters that most frequently require post-judgment action include child custody, child visitation, child support, and spousal support. When the circumstances of one party change significantly, they may have to request that the court modifies the order to better suit the current situation. It is important to be aware that the court will not just grant a modification for any reason. The legal standard to have a court order modified is quite high. The party requesting the modification will be required to show that a change is necessary due to unforeseen and significant changes. Some of the reasons that an individual may need to request that the court modifies their original order include the following:

  • Relocation of the parent
  • The diminished health of either the adult or the child
  • Significant changes to employment such as job loss, work schedule changes, or an increase or decrease of income
  • Other significant and long-term changes to one’s financial situation

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