Couples in Rockland County who are considering getting divorced may want to think about the possibility of a mediated divorce. This type of divorce is increasing in popularity simply because it allows the couple to tailor the divorce to meet their needs. There are a number of other benefits to using mediation to end a marriage.

Ending a marriage is a very emotional time in one’s life. It is difficult for many people to fathom a lengthy, tumultuous legal battle in a courtroom on top of the emotions they are already dealing with at the end of the marriage. Mediation allows the couple to completely avoid the courtroom and make decisions for themselves about the divorce. They will also be able to save money and even usually have a much quicker divorce through mediation than they would if the divorce were to be litigated.

A lot of couples who get divorced through mediation find that they have a better relationship after the divorce because they were able to talk through some of the issues that caused problems during the relationship. This can allow them to set a good example for any children they may have together and make it easier to co-parent in the future.

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