When a couple in Rockland County gets engaged, there is often a lot of excitement in the air, a lot of wedding planning to be done, and what seems like a million different things to think about. One important item on that never-ending list should be the consideration of a prenuptial agreement. Unfortunately, prenuptial agreements have a major negative stigma attached to them. Just because a couple wants to protect themselves before marriage does not mean that they are destined for divorce. However, considering divorce is so rampant in society today, it is a good idea for an individual to protect themselves before entering into such a binding commitment.

In order to make sure that a prenuptial agreement is valued in the eyes of New York State, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The agreement must be in writing
  • Both parties have to voluntarily sign the agreement
  • Both parties must include a full financial disclosure
  • The agreement must be fair and just to both parties
  • The agreement must be signed in front of a notary

It is important to make sure that the agreement does not have any language regarding current or future children. If you have questions about drafting a prenuptial agreement, contact our firm today.

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