If you have considered getting a divorce but fear the potential costs, please read on, then contact an experienced Rockland County divorce process attorney to learn how to save money on your divorce in the state of New York.

What does the average divorce cost in New York?

On average, an Empire State divorce will set you back $17,100. That said, the cost of divorce can vary between a relatively modest $5,500 to a whopping $50,000. Attorneys’ fee makes up the bulk of that cost because the average New York divorce attorney charges anywhere between $305 and $380 an hour. As you can see, a divorce can be expensive, but there is a fairly easy method for minimizing the cost. That method is for you and your spouse to divorce amicably. That might seem like a tall order, but if you take some simple steps you can maintain an amicable relationship with your divorcing spouse.

How can you save money in a divorce in New York?

How you divorce amicably might depend on your unique circumstances. Nonetheless, some common money-saving techniques are as follows:

  • Know what truly matters to both partners: You must decide what is important to each of you and where you are willing to compromise to reach an agreement.
  • Eliminate conflicts whenever possible and avoid going to court: Fighting and spending months in court can cause unnecessary stress, attorneys’ fees, legal costs and other fees.
  • Opt for divorce mediation or a collaborative divorce: With mediation, you and your spouse negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement regarding property division, timesharing and parenting, alimony, child support and other issues with a neutral arbiter. In collaborative divorce, the spouses and their legal representatives come to a settlement agreement without involving the courts.
  • Be organized: You need to gather documentation and evidence before contacting a divorce attorney, so he or she does not have to and, thus, cost you more money.

No matter how you choose to approach your divorce, you should reach out to a skilled Rockland County divorce attorney to discuss your next steps.

How can a Rockland County, New York divorce attorney help you save money?

Maintaining open and constructive lines of communication between you and your spouse is essential to reducing the financial burden of your divorce. A qualified legal professional from our firm can help serve as an intermediary so that you can reach a mutually equitable agreement for both parties. Let our firm handle the paperwork. Give us a call today.

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