When undergoing the divorce process, couples will be confronted with many challenges before being able to move on to the next chapter of their lives. One of those challenges includes property distribution, the process of dividing marital property. Dividing marital property is usually a contested issue that takes a substantial amount of time to iron out during litigation. This makes many people wonder if they should sell their homes before, during, or after a divorce. Typically, those undergoing the divorce process wonder when the right time to sell their home is. Please continue to follow along to learn when the best time to sell your home may be during a divorce. In addition, keep reading to learn how a skilled Rockland County Divorce & Separation Attorney can help you navigate the complexities of this overwhelming legal process. 

When should I sell my house during a divorce in New York?

Selling the family home is not a requirement for divorce, however, it is often the route many couples choose to pursue. Many couples that wish to sell their home have difficulty deciding when the best time to do so is. Ultimately, the best time to sell a family home depends on the couple’s specific circumstances as everyone’s situation is different. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages associated with these options.

Generally, for most couples, it is never a good idea to sell during the divorce process. During the divorce process, couples have to face many obstacles that are often stressful. Couples do not need more stress added to their plates when dealing with a contested divorce. This is why it is better to sell the home before or after the divorce. Ultimately, many couples choose to sell their home before or after the divorce. Selling a home before divorce helps you when it comes to dealing with realtors. Unfortunately, couples lose their negotiation power when realtors learn they are selling their house because of a divorce. They may list the house for less than your desired price point.

In addition, selling the home before a divorce can help alleviate some of the built-up tension and animosity between both parties. Living under the same roof can cause many problems. With that being said, the sooner the house is sold, the sooner couples can dissolve their marriage. Couples can also avoid fighting over who stays in the home. Unfortunately, there are some cons to selling the home before a divorce. In some cases, it can stall the divorce process which can ultimately result in spending more money on legal fees. Furthermore, putting the house up for sale after the divorce may help couples avoid conflict as one spouse is responsible for making all of the decisions. In addition, it can also make the overall process easier since you are relieved of the stress of the divorce as everything has been settled. Although there are many benefits, it can also be extremely overwhelming to handle the sale of a house alone. Regardless, there is no perfect time to sell a house. However, it is wise to sell the house before or after a divorce.

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