The Coronavirus pandemic caused all schools in the state of New York to close temporarily in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus. As a result, many families are left trying to adjust to this new normal. For single parents after going through a divorce, this can be overwhelming as they try to navigate child care 24/7. During this time, it is important for parents to know that there are options available to them should they need assistance providing child care.

How Can I Receive Help With Child Care?

When parents need assistance with child care due to the Coronavirus stay-at-home orders in New York, they should look to the settlement agreement from their divorce. This document should include a plan for how both parents want to continue providing child care for their children after they divorce. Child care during work hours for a working primary residential parent is considered a mandatory statutory add-on for child support. While this is true, some parents who choose to opt out of this provision. In other cases, there may be no primary residential parent. Most of the time, parents who choose to split parenting time 50/50 will agree to be each other’s child care while the other parent works. 

It is important to take into consideration that we are currently living in unprecedented times. It is because of this that there are many parents in situations where they are unable to help another parent care for their child during this time. To adjust to these new circumstances, parents can apply for a modification of their settlement agreement. This may allow them to be reimbursed of child care costs or other expenses during this time. 

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