When a couple decides their marriage isn’t working anymore and they want to get divorced, it is important that they consider all options. One option that has become increasingly popular is mediation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows a couple to take control over their divorce and make decisions for themselves. Mediated divorces take place outside of the courtroom, usually in a conference room setting.

One benefit of mediated divorces that many couples seem to enjoy is that they have the power to decide on the factors related to divorce such as child custody, visitation, the division of assets, and more. Some of the other reasons that people may choose to have a mediated divorce instead of a litigated divorce include that the divorce is often much less expensive and less time consuming. In addition, the couple who is getting a divorced will have the opportunity to communicate with one another in a constructive manner. Many times, mediation provides the couple with a sense of closure that they would not have the opportunity to get in a litigated divorce. Often, parents who go through a mediated divorce are able to co-parent their children better down the road.

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