For child custody arrangements, there are two main types that need to be decided on after divorce. These types are physical and legal custody. With each kind, they have control over different aspects of the child’s life and well-being. Legal custody grants parents with the authority to make specific decisions in their child’s life. This can include their education, religion, health and their general welfare. When parents are given legal custody of their child, they are able to make these decisions, which can help them be more involved in their child’s life.

Can I be granted legal custody if I don’t have physical custody?

If parents are denied physical custody of their child, they are still able to gain the right to legal custody. Although physical custody grants them as a custodial parent, meaning that the child will reside with them, legal custody still allows for involvement. Our professional attorneys urge you to fight for legal custody even if you are not granted the opportunity to be the custodial parent. It is important to be granted as much power as possible in your child’s life. We can help you fight for it.

What factors influence custody arrangements?

During child custody hearings, judges consider many factors to decide the proper structure. They should always be keeping the best interests of the child in mind. This structure is supposed to benefit the child and provide for their general welfare. Factors that influence their decisions include the parent’s inclination to accept custody, the child’s safety, the child’s needs, any domestic abuse in the past, the distance between the parents’ homes, the relationship the child has with each parent, the preference the child has when of a sufficient age, the stability of each home life and the ability of the parent to act in the child’s best interests.

Child custody arrangements can be adjusted in the future. If one parent is not following through with the plans that were declared by the court, an action may be filed to bring them back to court and get the agreement changed. If factors in a parent’s life have changed and they need to reconsider the plan for the child’s well-being, this is also another reason to bring the case back to litigation.

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