Divorce mediation provides an alternative to litigation. In mediation sessions, spouses attend with their attorneys, if they wish. They will meet with a neutral third party that acts as a mediator. This mediator does not make decisions regarding their marital issues. They simply help guide the conversation along. They can ensure that the spouses are cooperating and everyone is acting in a respectful manner. By bringing their attorneys, spouses may feel more comfortable. They can have someone who knows the legal aspects of divorce and can help them make better compromises. Otherwise, spouses may react emotionally and be unable to think clearly.

What topics are discussed in mediation?

Spouses will speak about all relevant marital issues during mediation. This can include child custody, child support, alimony and the division of assets. Decisions need to be made for these topics before the divorce is finalized. These are important topics to speak openly about since they can affect the rest of the spouses’ lives. Spouses should speak about any concerns that they have to gain a more favorable outcome for both of them. By making compromises with one another, it may be able to provide a satisfying ending for both spouses. Spouses can arrange on how they will split their time with the children and how they can make decisions for the children together. They can also see if child support is something that is needed, along with alimony payments. When they divide their assets, they should consider all their marital assets. Whether this involves a house or a pet, these decisions can be tough. It is important for spouses to remain calm in these sessions for a successful outcome.

Can I bring my children to these sessions?

Children should not be brought to mediation sessions. Although child custody arrangements and child support are decided on during these sessions, the children should not participate. Divorce can be hard on children and they may not totally understand the situation. The topics discussed in mediation are sensitive ones. Children can become emotional and disrupt the process. Their presence is not needed. Spouses should make other arrangements for their children to be taken care of during the times when they meet for sessions.

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